Know the Terms and Conditions of your Insurance

16 10 14 - 12:12

This is the part in which people would get so lazy. Some say and it is even a reality that once they get to the part of the signing of the policy, they get tired reading the entire Terms and Conditions of the said policy primarily because it is too long and it is too time consuming. But you will never know the loss that you will be taking once you fail to read thoroughly the policy and then you instantly sign the policy right away. Consider this case. Your vehicle just had a terrible accident while you were drinking. But you didn’t worry because you thought that the Motor Trade Insurance may just have to cover for the said expenses during the accident. So you are not worried as there is no serious injury that you have incurred there.

However, when you applied for the claim, you found out that the insurance company refuses to reimburse the damages spent because it is not covered in the policy as you have been drunk the whole time and drinking while driving is not included in the list of insurance coverage in your plan. Unfortunately, you have signed the policy and there is nothing you can do about it because you already complied right then and there that you agreed to the terms and conditions in the policy of your insurance. See, it still pays o read the terms and conditions of your policy as it will be very useful in the future.

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